We Are Cardiovascular Associates of America

Through value-based care, together we can revolutionize cardiovascular medicine and forge a healthier future for the people and communities we serve. 

For Premier Cardiovascular Specialists
with Independent Practices

At CVAUSA, we believe the people who deliver the care are the same people who have the solutions to improve the industry around it.

The practices we invest in maintain clinical and operational autonomy and continue to manage local operations while remaining highly involved in strategic operations.

Our inclusive and diverse network brings together top cardiovascular specialists and thought leaders who offer regional perspectives and broad strategic vision for the future of patient care.


Physicians & APPs in Partnership


Locations in 8 States


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Enhancing Patient Care
for a Better Healthcare Experience



We provide the capital and resources to help practices better serve their patients with preventive care and early intervention.
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Experts in the best business models and administrative processes for cardiovascular physicians.
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Our physician-first ethos is unique and promotes alignment between our team, our practices, and our payer partners.
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Customized Performance Measurement

We work with partners to reconcile performance and incentives, considering multiple factors to ensure appropriate adjustments.

Interested in Becoming Part of CVAUSA?

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The first step is to schedule a no-obligation meeting to learn more about our team, discuss how we can work together to enhance care, and explore partnership possibilities.

Practice With Us

If you are a physician, APP, RN, technologist, medical assistant, administrative staff, or a billing and coding professional interested in working with CVAUSA, please apply within.

Why Do Cardiovascular Specialists
Choose to Partner with CVAUSA?

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We are excellent partners for physicians looking to cross a particular threshold of revenue or team size.
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We offer advice, guidance, and recommendations while respecting your clinical and operational autonomy. 
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In addition to our leadership and counsel, CVAUSA partners benefit from resources, an internal network of experts, and yet retain their control of the practice in its daily operations, vision, and outcomes.
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We inspire transformative change by creating opportunities for revenue enhancement and growth along several vectors, including innovative arrangements with risk-bearing organizations.

A Trusted Management Team

CVAUSA was formed by Webster Equity Partners, a private equity firm with decades of experience in physician practice management. We are led by an experienced executive team with a stellar track record of success in cardiovascular services and the healthcare industry.

Meet Our Team

Our Mission

To empower cardiovascular specialists to transform patient care.

At a critical moment for the cardiovascular sector, we offer capital, resources, shared knowledge, and a deep respect for clinical and operational autonomy. At the heart of our mission, we're preserving private practice cardiology while enabling clinical innovations. By supporting the advancement of cardiovascular care, we hope to save more lives, reduce costs, and transform the patient care model.

Our Vision

To revolutionize cardiovascular health.

With open collaboration, aligned priorities, and a patient-first mindset, we believe incredible progress is possible. The opportunity for transformation has never been greater. By partnering with leading cardiovascular practices and future-focused payer groups, we intend to grow a national practice of experts, build the world's best care model, and revolutionize how cardiovascular care is delivered.

Hear Directly From Our Partners

"CVAUSA is very supportive. This is an excellent relationship for us."

Charles Jost, M.D.

Principal, Interventional Cardiology, SWCVA
"When our patient care expectations were aligned, I knew we had made the right choice to partner with CVAUSA."

Nareg Minaskeian, M.D.

Cardiac Electrophysiologist, SWCVA
"CVAUSA has the means, the administrative connections, the financial backing, and the medical connections across the country all for the benefit of the patient."

Kirk D. Minkus, M.D.

Interventional Radiology Specialist, SWCVA
"Whether it's in terms of our billing, collections, executive help, or recruitment, in all of these areas, CVAUSA has shown the willingness and expertise that helps with growth."

Parag Doshi, M.D.

President & Founder, CCI
"Within cardiology, there's so much value and so many ways that we can work together to grow and continue success, and continue pulling cardiology into the outpatient setting."

Solomon Sager, M.D.

Partner & Executive VP, CCI
"It is very clear that partnering with CVAUSA is going to allow us to expand our practice in a manner that we would not have been able to do before."

Elsayed Mohamed, M.D.

Director of Structural Heart & Minimally Invasive Cardiac Therapy, CCI
"Partnering with CVAUSA allows us to team up so we can harness this growth together to serve the community."

James Maher, M.D.

Cardiovascular Specialist, CCA
"Autonomy has been well maintained. Growth is the main thing, which is really going to improve the patient care."

Jay K. Shah, M.D.

Interventional Cardiologist, CCA
"While CCA has continued to grow over the years, we can exponentially grow now. We have a great group of staff that CVAUSA has put together, helping us in the background."

Vasant B. Patel, M.D.

Interventional Cardiologist, CCA
"Partnering with CVAUSA gives me peace of mind that we will be able to continue to provide the community with the level of care that we're proud of."

Edmund Coyne, M.D.

Chairman of the Board, CVM

"CVAUSA is very well-aligned with our values. They have allowed us to keep our independence, and they understand that providing total independence is very important for continued success."

Sanjeev Puri, M.D.

Board Member and Cardiologist, CVM
"Physicians don't have to worry about where the capital is going to come from. CVAUSA and Webster Partners help us grow our practice."

Bouyella Reddy, M.D.

Board Member and Cardiologist, CVM

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