Becoming a CVAUSA Partner

Guided support for advancing your practice.

There’s Nothing We Can’t Achieve by
Working Together to Transform Cardiovascular Care

CVAUSA collaborates with your group’s leadership to complete a smooth transition into the CVAUSA network. With a vast array of financial and expert intellectual resources, there is virtually no limit to what we can accomplish together. The initial priority, after becoming a CVAUSA partner, is to compile a formal growth plan with immediate-term, short-term, mid-term, and long-term objectives and action steps. Once that plan is approved by your group, CVAUSA will provide additional resources as needed to help your group execute this plan.

What to Expect During and After Your Practice Transition

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Autonomy Protection

We preserve your independence and control while offering you insights, ideas, recommendations, and support to help you grow.

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Accelerated Growth

Our proprietary analysis will identify areas of opportunity for revenue enhancement and growth, including new care model elements such as “hospital at home” and “cardiac urgent care," plus many more.

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Care Model

CVAUSA will develop an enhanced care model that focuses on keeping patients out of the hospital and shifts the site of care to the ambulatory, office, and home settings; measured using nationally-recognized quality, safety, and patient experience outcomes.

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Marketing Support

Our marketing experts consolidate fragmented markets to improve awareness, traction, and new patient acquisition. 

Value-Based Care

CVAUSA envisions a future where cardiovascular specialists will be rewarded for their unique ability to manage patient populations and episodes in a way that optimizes care outcomes while removing avoidable costs out of the system. The total cost of CVD-related care in the U.S. (direct claims) is about $350B with less than 15% of that amount paid to the CV specialists who manage the care.

At CVAUSA, we want to enable our physician partners to be in the “100%” business, not just the 15%. To do that, we need to develop a comprehensive care model coupled with a contracting model that provides financial rewards to our partner groups for their ability to shift care out of the hospital, avoid admissions and readmissions, and lower the overall cost of care.

Our Success Begins With You

"We wanted to expand, and CVAUSA provides the financial support to help us grow. They are the right fit for us."
Charles Jost, M.D.
"One of the advantages of partnering with CVAUSA is that we have maintained physician autonomy. We as physicians are the decision makers providing care directly to the patients."
Nareg Minaskeian, M.D.
"CVAUSA empowers us to do what we do. We knew that these were the kind of people that we wanted to work with."
Kirk D. Minkus, M.D.
"Whether it's in terms of our billing, collections, executive help, or recruitment, in all of these areas, CVAUSA has shown the willingness and expertise that helps with growth."
Parag Doshi, M.D.
"Within cardiology, there's so much value and so many ways that we can work together to grow and continue success, and continue pulling cardiology into the outpatient setting."
Solomon Sager, M.D.
"It is very clear that partnering with CVAUSA is going to allow us to expand our practice in a manner that we would not have been able to do before."
Elsayed Mohamed, M.D.
"Partnering with CVAUSA allows us to team up so we can harness this growth together to serve the community."
James Maher, M.D.
"Autonomy has been well maintained. Growth is the main thing, which is really going to improve the patient care."
Jay K. Shah, M.D.
"While CCA has continued to grow over the years, we can exponentially grow now. We have a great group of staff that CVAUSA has put together, helping us in the background."
Vasant B. Patel, M.D.
"CVAUSA has been nothing but stellar in supporting us on every end. This merger is only going to take us to new heights."
Param Singh, M.D.
"CVAUSA has clearly invested in understanding cardiology. We have chosen the right partner when we chose CVAUSA."
Edmund Coyne, M.D.
"We have been able to expand our model and receive wisdom and knowledge from other practices to help improve this whole process as a national brand." 
Bouyella Reddy, M.D.
"CVAUSA has aligned with our values and has helped our cardiovascular practice evolve."
Sanjeev Puri, M.D.

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