The CVAUSA Model

Keeping cardiovascular physicians at the heart of transformative care.

A Partnership That Protects Autonomy

We bring the best cardiovascular specialists together under a unified network and empower them by offering the best resources and centers of support. When you work with CVAUSA, you can expect:

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We comprise a leadership team with experts in cardiovascular services to reinforce integrity and collaboration.

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We are forward-thinking and adaptive to changes and innovations, ensuring that our partners remain at the forefront of care.

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We proudly work shoulder-to-shoulder with physicians and seek their perspectives, ideas, and input on how best to deliver patient care.
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We are honest, hard-working, and ever in pursuit of resources and strategies that add value to our partners.

The Physician-First Approach

CVAUSA believes that cardiovascular physicians know what is best for their practice and their patients. As such, we are deeply committed to protecting their clinical and operational autonomy while supporting their vision for cardiovascular care.

Retain Your Identity

Keep your practice name, branding, and staff.


Maintain Full Operational Control

Make all decisions involving day-to-day operations, staffing, scheduling, systems, support and more.


Preserve Full Clinical Autonomy

We are there when you need us, challenge the status quo, or seek peer advice. Practice your way.

Who Are the People Behind CVAUSA?

We are founded and led by physicians and cardiovascular service experts who have unique experience and backgrounds -- including the former CEO of the American College of Cardiology and the former CEO of MedAxiom -- business and operational acumen, operational and financial expertise, and the ability to execute complex growth plans and initiatives in collaboration with our partner groups.

Each of our leaders and existing members offers a unique and rich history of patient care, practice management, and public service that ultimately strengthens and benefits the network as a whole. 

To learn more about the specific physicians who founded and lead CVAUSA, and to explore our story, read about us.

Our Mission

Cardiovascular Associates of America (CVAUSA) brings together national leaders in heart and vascular care with the common mission of saving lives, reducing costs, and improving patient care through clinical innovation. At a critical moment for the cardiovascular sector, a partnership with CVAUSA provides the approach, tools, and resources to elevate patient care, lower costs, improve access and efficiency, and deliver better health outcomes to patients throughout the US.

Our Commitment
to Value-Based Care

Our mission to transform cardiovascular medicine begins with value-based care. We address flawed incentives and care fragmentation to create a more sustainable system focused on patients. The goal is seamless, patient-centered care that delivers better health at lower costs — transitioning from volume to value through aligned incentives and a shared commitment to transformation. By forging partnerships with payers and practices, we are pioneering the necessary evolution of cardiovascular care.

Our Difference

CVAUSA is a unique private equity firm because it’s specific to cardiovascular practices. We designed our network to bring the best practices together in caring for patients with cardiovascular disease. A significant need exists for improving cardiovascular health because almost half of all American adults have some form of cardiovascular disease, and more Americans die from these diseases than any other cause. We also contractually offer doctor autonomy after the partnership, allowing physicians to run their practice as they see fit. We support their current practice rather than assigning them new duties, allowing them to scale up operations with their tried and true methods for improving cardiovascular health.

Join a Physician-Centered Practice Management Team

Partner With Us

The first step is to schedule a no-obligation meeting to learn more about our team, share your experience as a practice owner, and see if we would be a good fit.

Practice With Us

If you are a physician, APP, RN, technologist, medical assistant, administrative staff, or a billing and coding professional interested in working with CVAUSA, please apply within.