With Novocardia by CVAUSA,
We're Building a New Care Model

With CVAUSA’s Novocardia division, we are unlocking our physician partners’ ability to succeed in value-based heart and vascular care — leading to happier patients, happier clinicians, and better quality care at a lower total cost.

Empowering Cardiovascular Specialists to Transform Patient Care

Novocardia is the value-based care division of CVAUSA, focusing on the development, testing, and scalability of clinical and contracting models that improve quality of care and efficiency while lowering costs. Our mission is to help partner groups thrive in the new era of value-based care and risk-based reimbursement.

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Better Patient Outcomes

Value-based care enables quicker recovery,  reduces avoidable adverse outcomes, and improves chronic disease management, contributing to a healthier, happier society.

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Lower Costs of Care

With greater attention to healthcare spending and more proactive disease management come improved health outcomes and reduced spending on tests, hospitalizations,  procedures, and medications.

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Shared Financial Accountability

Sharing accountability for healthcare spending with clinicians can incentivize more cost-effective care and a greater focus on population health, which can reduce financial risks for both payors and providers.
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Team-Based Care Models

Leverage team-based care models to deliver more efficient, cost-effective, and patient-centered care.

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Tech-Enabled Care Solutions

We help practices use technology to improve access to care, better manage populations of patients across the care continuum, and deliver more patient-centered, cost-effective care.

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Data on Performance

As the leading national network of cardiovascular specialists, we have access to a wealth of data to guide future decisions and improve care models.

How We’re Building a Better Cardiovascular Care System



Working in close collaboration with CVAUSA physician partners, we will develop a new care model. 



We will test our model to ensure success for patients, payors, and physicians.



We will use the experience gained through testing to refine and strengthen our approach.



In collaboration with our  physician partners, we will scale the most promising care models to revolutionize cardiovascular care.

Leading the Way for Value-Based Cardiology

At CVAUSA, we believe that entrepreneurial cardiovascular specialists hold the key to a more efficient and effective cardiovascular care system for patients, payors, and physicians.

Novocardia will serve as the catalyst to revamp a system not consistently meeting Americans’ cardiovascular care needs. We will help cardiovascular specialists continue delivering even higher-value care while supporting the rollout of new contracting models that reward efforts to reduce avoidable healthcare spending.

The Future is Risk-Based Reimbursement

Under innovative new contracting models, CVAUSA physician partners will be able to reduce the total cost of cardiovascular care — providing specialists with robust financial benefits in addition to improving the quality of care for patients.

As our Novocardia division develops models that utilize risk-based reimbursement, CVAUSA will provide the support our partner groups need to flourish under these new payment models.

We Are the Epicenter for Entrepreneurial Cardiovascular Specialists

Novocardia is committed to helping physician partners thrive under value-based and risk-based payment models. As part of CVAUSA, we are the largest and most influential leader in value-based heart & vascular care, with 200+ physician partners and over 400,000 active patients in 100+ locations — and growing. Meet the leaders who help deliver unique, proprietary solutions and resources to our market-leading national network of cardiovascular specialists.

Dan Blumenthal, MD, MBA

Dr. Dan Blumenthal brings a unique combination of...

Jonathan Collins

Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan Collins is the President of Value-Based Care and...

Katherine Evans, FAANP

CNO, SVP Clinical Services

Dr. Katherine Evans oversees operations of Novocardia’s...

Jeff Dang, PhD, MPH, MBA

Chief Data Officer

Jeff leads Novocardia's strategy and execution for the...

Kate Mostrom, MBA

VP, Product
As Vice President of Product for Novocardia, Kate leads... 

Ana Rodriguez, CPC

VP, Contracting & VBA Partnerships

Ana is Vice President of Contracting and Value Based...

Join Our Mission to Enhance Cardiovascular Care

As an integral part of CVAUSA, Novocardia is accelerating the development of a high-functioning system that will transform cardiovascular care. If you or your group is interested in becoming part of our transformational movement, we invite you to reach out to learn more.