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Cardiovascular Health for Everyone

Compared to other services such as eye care, dermatology, and pain management, cardiology has received little attention until now. One of the main reasons that it’s suddenly gaining traction is that physician-owned facilities can perform more procedures as hospital employment agreements expire.

Partnering with CVAUSA allows independent practices to find opportunities for gaining scale and bringing costly ancillary services in-house. In addition, private equity financing can provide the management and operational support that a cardiovascular care group needs to expand their market reach.

CVAUSA believes that cardiology is suitable for consolidation, allowing early movers to choose the best partners.

Steps To Your Success

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Evaluations to Offers

We conduct a thorough evaluation and take the next step towards a mutual partnership.

Our Difference

CVAUSA is a unique private equity firm because it’s specific to cardiovascular practices. We designed our network to bring the best practices together in caring for patients with cardiovascular disease. A significant need exists for improving cardiovascular health because almost half of all American adults have some form of cardiovascular disease, and more Americans die from these diseases than any other cause. We also contractually offer doctor autonomy after the partnership, allowing physicians to run their practice as they see fit. We support their current practice rather than assigning them new duties, allowing them to scale up operations with their tried and true methods for improving cardiovascular health.

Partner Testimonials

"CVAUSA has been nothing but stellar in supporting us on every end. This merger is only going to take us to new heights."
Param Singh, M.D.
"CVAUSA and their parent corporation, Webster Partners, have clearly invested in understanding cardiology. We have chosen the right partner when we chose CVAUSA."
Edmund Coyne, M.D.
"We have been able to expand our model and receive wisdom and knowledge from other practices to help improve this whole process as a national brand." 
Bouyella Reddy, M.D.
"CVAUSA has aligned with our values and has helped our cardiovascular practice evolve."
Sanjeev Puri, M.D.

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